An dieser Stelle wollen wir über Zeitschriften informieren, die einen explizit soziologiegeschichtlichen Schwerpunkt haben.

History of the Humanities

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History of Humanities takes (…) as its subject the history of a wide variety of disciplines (…), tracing these fields from their earliest developments, through their formalization into university disciplines, and to the modern day.  https://www.journals.uchicago.edu/toc/hoh/current

InterDisciplines. Journal of History and Sociology

InterDisciplines is dedicated to work at the interface between history and the social sciences and to research that discusses their relationship. The journal’s aim is to identify differences as well as the relation and interconnections between the two disciplines, with a focus on areas where they can complement each other with respect to specific research problems. http://www.inter-disciplines.org/index.php/indi

Journal of Classical Sociology


The Journal of Classical Sociology publishes peer-reviewed, cutting-edge articles (…). The aim of the Journal of Classical Sociology is to demonstrate scholarly excellence in the study of the sociological tradition. The journal elucidates the origins of sociology and also demonstrates how the classical tradition renews the sociological imagination in the present day. The journal is a critical but constructive reflection on the roots and formation of sociology from the Enlightenment to the 21st century. http://journals.sagepub.com/home/jcs

Journal of History of the Behavioral Sciences

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 The Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences is a quarterly, peer-reviewed, international journal devoted to the scientific, technical, institutional, and cultural history of the social and behavioral sciences. The journal publishes research articles, book reviews, and news and notes that cover the development of the core disciplines of psychology, anthropology, sociology, psychiatry and psychoanalysis, economics, linguistics, communications, political science, and the neurosciences. The journal also welcomes papers and book reviews in related fields, particularly the history of science and medicine, historical theory, and historiography. https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/15206696


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Serendipities is an international peer-reviewed online journal for sociology and history of the social sciences, established in 2014. Serendipities publishes three kinds of texts: Articles report research results, develop theoretical arguments, or – at best – offer a combination of both. An article has to be concerned with the sociology and history of the social sciences and should demonstrate how it adds to our understanding by relating to and positioning itself towards the relevant literature from this field. Book reviews are intended to present and assess new publications relevant to the field of the journal. (…) A third kind of text will be materials. These can either be archival materials, i.e., items from the past that are deemed valuable enough to be made visible to the scientific community, e.g. letters, unpublished manuscripts, administrative documents etc., together with short commentaries on the significance of the documents. Or, using some of the functionalities offered by digitalization, these materials can also be contemporary reconstructions of past situations (e.g., visualizations), data sets, or the like. http://serendipities.uni-graz.at/index.php/serendipities

Social Science History

Social Science History

Social Science History advances the study of the past, publishing peer-reviewed original articles that combine empirical research with theoretical work, undertake comparisons across time and distance, or contribute to the development of quantitative or qualitative methods of analysis. The interdisciplinary research community of social scientists — historians, sociologists, economists, political scientists, anthropologists, and geographers — that form the membership of the Social Science History Association and its research networks benefit from the high-quality articles provided by the journal. https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/social-science-history

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